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IceShield™ is a revolutionary superhydrophobic spray coating that repels water, ice, snow, frost, sleet, and freezing rain.  It is not a deicer and will not melt ice or snow.  Unlike alcohol-based formulas, IceShield is safe for most surfaces, including rubber and plastics.  Simply spray IceShield on clean surfaces and it starts to work instantly.

Bring on the cold, we've got you covered

While existing superhydrophobic repellent coatings help water droplets bead up and slide off treated surfaces, they lose their effect when temperatures plummet.  IceShield is specially engineered for freezing temperatures and proven to perform in extreme temperatures down to -50 °C.

Safe to use around kids and pets

Most commercial deicers and repellent coatings contain glycol, methanol or mineral spirits, which are harmful for humans, pets, and the planet.  IceShield’s innovative formulation contains no toxic chemicals or environmental pollutants.  It will stay on through the worst blizzard, yet it washes off easily with soap and water.

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IceShield Benefits

Effective protection in extreme cold

Easy spray application, effective immediately

Washes off with soap and water

Completely transparent

Safe for most non-porous surfaces

Non-toxic and eco-friendly

No heat or electricity required

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If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of our product, you can return it at any time for a replacement or full refund (not including taxes or postage).

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Applications



Winter sports

Treatment Surfaces

Crystal clear visibility regardless of weather conditions

Did you know there is an average of 970,000 accidents per year involving snow, sleet, rain, and fog? Reduced visibility is a key factor in many of these accidents. IceShield™ repels ice, snow, sleet, and freezing rain, giving you the confidence to drive in any type of weather.

Eliminates the need to scrape icy windshields

Tired of scraping ice and frost off your windshields and windows? IceShield™ provides invisible protection to prevent ice, frost, and snow from adhering to your windshield. Any traces of ice can be easily removed with the slightest touch. With regular applications of IceShield™, you'll be able to retire your scraper.

Protects exterior metal surfaces from ice

IceShield™ is safe to use on all exterior surfaces of your vehicle and will not harm paint. IceShield's invisible protection keeps your vehicle free from ice even in the harshest weather. It's also great for preventing frozen locks.

Keep freezers frost-free

Frost build-up in your freezer takes up valuable space and can result in stagnant odors and the loss of a good seal. Spray our non-toxic IceShield™ coating on any interior surfaces, including storage bins, and never worry about defrosting again.

Prevent ice build-up on windows and eaves

While glistening icicles may look beautiful, they can also trap water, which leads to rotting roofs, leaks and expensive repairs. A protective coat of IceShield™ will prevent the formation of icicles without any need for heat or electricity, saving you hassle and money.

Optimize performance of snow equipment

Your snow equipment works hard to keep your driveways and sidewalks clear. Keep your equipment running optimally by spraying IceShield™ on any exposed parts that accumulate snow and ice.

Faster runs, higher jumps


Losing speed and control due to snow and ice on your gear? IceShield™ forms an invisible layer of protection to maintain snow-, ice- and slush-free skis, boards, boots, bindings, and goggles. Keep the snow on the slopes and off your equipment.

Great for:

Not effective for:


windshields, windows, doors



tire rims, doors, locks, gates, railings, gutters, drainpipes, outdoor equipment

Concrete and asphalt


windshield wipers, boots

Surfaces painted with water-based paint

Plastics, fiberglass and composites

freezers, refrigerators, snowboards, skis

Fabric and other porous surfaces

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IceShield Product Comparison

  Effective in freezing temperatures

  Non-toxic and eco-friendly

  Completely transparent and colorless

  Repels water and precipitation

  Repels frozen precipitation

  Simple, one-step application

  Melts snow and ice



(ex. Rain-X® De-icer)


Original Glass Water Repellent


Liquid Repelling Treatment


Multi-Surface Icephobic Coating

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