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Helicity MiracleCoat™ is a new generation of fluorinated polyurethane offering one of the highest percentages of fluorine bonds available on the market.

Helicity MiracleCoat Fluorinated Polyurethane is a two-component fluoropolymer coating that can be cured at room temperature for a variety of plant, shop, and field applications.


The unique orbital structure of the fluorine atom enables it bond strongly with carbon, forming one of the most stable of all chemical bonds. The strength of these fluorine-carbon bonds gives fluorine-containing polymers excellent chemical, thermal, and weathering resistance. Fluorinated polyurethane protects against moisture penetration, corrosion, UV radiation and microbial attack, and thus is especially useful for marine anti-fouling applications.  Other uses include new construction and rehabilitation of concrete, brick, granite, ceramic, and fiberglass surfaces.


MiracleCoat offers an unprecedented 35% fluorine content, the highest concentration available on the market.  The increased number of fluorine bonds  provides superior color stability with enhanced protection against weathering, UV, and chemicals. Typical applications only require a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5 mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat and its free spreading characteristics, fast set time, and easy maintenance help minimize labor costs and down time. It is a sold as kit consisting of a solvent-based fluorinated polyol and an aliphatic urethane cross-linker.


Xenon Arc Accelerated Weathering Tests

ASTM D4587, ASTM D4799, ASTM D6695, ISO 11341, MIL-STD 810F

5,000 hours with 90% gloss retention

Corrosion Resistance

ASTM B117 Salt Fog

5,000 hours with no deterioration, undercutting or pin-holing.

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to most chemicals including acids, alkalines, and solvents.

Resistance to Petroleum Product Exposure

NRL Fuel Storage lining test passed.



Pot life is temperature sensitive. After mixing, pot life is 3-4 hours at 21°C/70°F. Increases in ambient temperature will lead to decreases in pot life.

Pot life can be extended to overnight if the mixture kept below freezing.


The combined mixture and its individual components are moisture sensitive. Any introduction of moisture or water prior to or during the mixing and application process should be avoided. The product should be kept covered at all times after mixing and during application to prevent contamination and limit moisture absorption.



Drying time in 20°C/70°F ambient air

Tack-free: 3-4 hours.

Hard cure: 24 hours.

Full cure for solvent resistance: 3-5 days.

Industrial hot air blowing or baking at temperatures of 110-120° C will accelerate the curing process to less than 1 hour for a hard cure.

For immersion in solvents, a 7-day full cure is needed. For water immersion applications, a 24-hour hard cure is required.



Fluorinated polyurethane MiracleCoat and its cross-linker form transparent, high-gloss finishes.  Pigments can be added to create vivid colors.



MiracleCoat exhibits excellent coverage when applied as instructed

Solids content: 33%

Number of coats required: Three to four thin coats of 25 microns/1 mills DFT each.

Coverage (theoretical): 68 m2/Gallon at 25 microns DFT

732 sq. ft per gallon at 1 mil DFT

366 sq. ft per gallon at 2 mill DFT

Coverage (estimated): 51 m2/Gallon at 25 microns DFT (25% spray loss factor)

Coverage (estimated): 25.5 m2/Gallon at 50 microns DFT (25% spray loss factor)

550 sq. ft per gallon at 1 mil DFT

275 sq. ft per gallon at 2 mills DFT



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